We support the concept of global strategic alliances. It can be beneficial to both parties and to our customers, as well. We have alliances with companies with strategic technology in the fields of vibration fixturing, instrumentation, and LN2 facilities. This is a very valuable resource for our customers. Through cooperation with our allied companies, we can offer a turnkey solution a one-stop-shop. There are two main areas for Strategic Alliances:


Our proven history of advanced technology and reliability of our HALT/HASS chambers has resulted in requests from manufacturers to provide vibration systems on an OEM basis.  They have also requested to license our chambers for manufacture . In response to this demand, we are pleased to offer two programs: OEM and Licensing. For those companies that wish to manufacture HALT/HASS   chambers, but have not done so before, we are prepared to license our proprietary chamber designs and also license their manufacture under strict configuration control. The 6DoF vibration table and controls are not included in the license.  They will be supplied as a complete subassembly, just as we do for our OEM partners.  


In our OEM program, we will supply our proprietary 6DoF vibration table and controls as a complete subassembly to other environmental chamber manufacturers for incorporation into their own HALT/HASS chambers. EMIC Corporation, Japan, is one of our strategic allies.

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