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Since the early 1990's we have presented seminars on "Accelerated Life Testing, Environmental Stress Screening for Robust, Mature Products". In time this has become known as HALT and HASS. Experts in the environmental testing and instrumentation field presented seminars nationwide.




A typical outline of a one day seminar was as follows:

  • Environmental Testing and Stress Screening
  • Reasons for Using Liquid Nitrogen for Testing
  • Accelerated Testing for Product Reliability Assurance
  • Accelerated Life Testing
  • Reliability Enhancement Testing
  • Environmental Test Screening
  • Using Design of Experiments in Accelerated Testing


Today we offer seminars on the latest technology and techniques for HALT/HASS. We also provide consultation as regards, test/screening methodology, environmental facilities, liquid nitrogen installation, instrumentation, facility command and control, and analysis /data logging.

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Why Hanse Environmental

Today we manufacture the largest standard line and what we believe to be the most advance performing HALT/HASS chambers in the industry. We have concentrated our engineering efforts to advance the state-of-the-art of HALT/HASS chamber performance.

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