For our customers with HanseView,  you may now get your updates through our website.

We like to keep our customers running the most current version of HanseView. This will avoid any known problems that have already been resolved in new versions.

After you receve your login info, go to the downloads area and navigate to HanseView. Download the compressed file, execute, and update. Please read installation notes before updating, as features have been added that need configuration.


HanseView Control and Analyzer installer. Please make sure to also install your Rainbow Software key driver.


Fixed PV and SP data cursors failed to align on long duration data files.

fixed issue where using "prompt for filename" setting prevented reset and
run from reseting the time data.


fixed the run start offset to allow mixing of days with : time.

fixed the issue with controller PID introduced in .10






Added ability to enter 'cool' PID values for 2-loop watlow controls with
Vibration on second watlow
Added recipe setting to 'store data at each compression' and enabled by
changed arrow keys to work properly if datafiles are moved to a different



Fixed few Minor bugs



BigDisplay added automatic sizing and hiding of unused aux displays.

BigDisplay changed setpoint to reflect setpoint in manual mode when chamber not running

PID dialog Added loop label for humidity loop

made rainbow autoinstall work with current version key driver


added manual controls to file interface
,    : manual setpoint and rate for temperature
,    : manual setpoint and rate for vibration
        : manual auxiliaries

fixed extra 14 thermocouple readings on remote control data save

Added all active temperature and vibration channels to remote control data

Added support for Ethernet based DaqLAB devices

Created 2013-08-29
Changed 2015-11-13
Version 2.2.15
Size 7.01 MB
System Windows
Downloads 10,122

Update for Windows 7 compatible.
Requires National Insturment Hardware. 
Contact us for cost for upgrading from version 2
Note if you are upgrading from version 2 you would want to use Iotech installer instead.
This software requires a key update (contact factory for pricing).
Note: Requires instlation of National Insturments DaqMx which includes drivers and software for configuration of analizer hardware.
Created 2013-09-20
Changed 2014-03-31
Version 3.2.2
Size 8.88 MB
System Windows
Downloads 2,922

Update for Windows 7 compatible.
Requires Measurement Computing (IOTech)Hardware. 
Contact us for cost for upgrading from version 2
This software requires a key update (contact factory for pricing).
Note: Install Daq View first. You can download Daq View installer from here.
Created 2013-09-20
Changed 2014-03-31
Version 3.1.0
Size 9.27 MB
System Windows
Downloads 2,641